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Objectiu de la convocatòria
Crucial support for investigators who plan to pursue a career in diabetes-related clinical investigation. Awards are made in the later stages of training and include the ability for recipients to transition to independent faculty or research appointments.
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El personal de l'IMIM i PSMAR que necessiteu més informació adreceu-vos a:
Servei de Recerca. C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88. 08003-Barcelona. Tel.: 93.316.05.76.
Marta López: Ext.: 1576
Carol Barnwell: Ext.1670
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Clinical researchers at a relatively early stage of their independent career. Clinical researchers who have received their first faculty-level appointment less than 5 years before the submission date are eligible to apply for this award. Applicants must have an MD or MD-PhD, hold an appointment or joint appointment in a subspecialty of clinical medicine in a clinical department, and conduct human clinical research. In exceptional circumstances, non-MD candidates will be considered if their work is likely to contribute significantly to a clinical outcome.
For the purposes of this award, clinical research is defined as research conducted with human subjects for which the investigator directly interacts with the subjects.
Applicants who have taken leave from their career (e.g. parenting of a child, childbirth, long-term care of a parent/spouse/child/dependent, personal health issues) or experienced a delay due to COVID shutdowns and the cancellation of the JDRF FY21 ECPOR call that puts them outside of the eligibility time frame for the award mechanism should feel free to reach out to JDRF staff ahead of their application submission. JDRF aims to be flexible and adjust these time frames if necessary and appropriate.
The applicant must be sponsored by an investigator who is affiliated full-time with an accredited institution, who pursues clinical research, and who agrees to supervise the applicant’s training. The sponsor does not necessarily need to have a background in diabetes, but the research project must be type 1 diabetes-related and patient-oriented.

Research may be conducted at foreign and domestic, for-profit and nonprofit, and public and private organizations-such as universities, colleges, hospitals, laboratories, units of state and local governments, and eligible agencies of the federal government.
Up to USD 150.000 per year, including indirect costs.
Up to 5 years.
Proposals should be submitted electronically through the Research Management System (RMS360):
All proposal details and templates are available to researchers in RMS360.
Important: The FY22 call for Early-Career Patient Oriented Diabetes Research Awards will be highly competitive and only a small number of grants will be awarded.
Applications in the area of COMPLICATIONS will not be accepted for this call.


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