Detall de la convocatòria


Objectiu de la convocatòria
Funding for an important product or technology to help people with epilepsy that is not on a commercialization pathway.
Característiques principals
It is necessary to have a prototype of the product.
Community Award Examples:
  • A project to raise awareness for people with epilepsy through an education platform
  • A device that prevents personal injury from a seizure
  • Any other concept that could improve the lives of people with epilepsy potentially in the near future
  • Lloc de presentació
    El personal de l'IMIM i PSMAR que necessiteu més informació adreceu-vos a:
    Servei de Recerca. C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88. 08003-Barcelona. Tel.: 93.316.04.00.
    Carol Barnwell: Ext.: 1670
    Marta López: Ext.: 1576
    Convocatòria (URL)
    Informació addicional
    The deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) is September 24, 2021, 5:00 PM Eastern Time. The Shark Tank review committee will select as many as five (5) finalists. Finalists will be required to pitch their venture at the Epilepsy Foundation 2022 Pipeline Conference, taking place March 3-5, 2022, in Santa Clara, California.
  • Applicants must demonstrate an ability to move the proposed plan to completion, showing how the prize can accelerate any step along the path to getting the product to the epilepsy community.
  • Applicants must be ready to present a prototype of proposed project (must include demonstration of some form of materialization - i.e. early sample, model or release of a product built for testing).
  • Inventors who submitted ideas for previous Shark Tank Competitions are encouraged to re-submit their ideas if substantial progress has been made.
  • Applicants may reside in any country. No specific background or experience is required.
  • Dotació
    Up to $25,000
    LoI should not exceed 4 pages. Contents:
  • Title of proposed project (maximum 50 characters)
  • Leader (name, title, affiliation, address, telephone, email address)
  • Key collaborators (names, titles, affiliations)
  • Brief summary of project goals and plans/approaches (not to exceed ½ page):
    - 1. Focus specifically on what your project would bring to people with epilepsy and when
    - 2. Describe prototype of proposed concept
  • Brief description of what is unique about the project- if it is competitive to any existing product or service, please describe how your project compares to any competitor (1 paragraph)
  • Detailed description of how you plan to accomplish the overall plan (1 page)
    - 1. Estimated steps/milestones/timeline to reach patients
    - 2. Go/No Go decision points
  • You must briefly provide a description of how your product will reach the epilepsy community (1 paragraph)
  • Outline what your prize of $25,000 will allow you to accomplish
  • Arxius

    2022 Shark Tank Competition _ Epilepsy Foundation.pdf